Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo
March 26-29, 2018, Kansas City, MO, In Partnership with usignite

Poster Presentations (Tuesday June 27, 4 - 6 PM)

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  1. Revealing drivers’ parking behavior to unlock new commercial opportunities
    Robert Matthews & Anand Mahurkar, Municipal Parking Services
  2. New Technology for Cable and Conduit Condition Assessment
    J. Lauletta, Exacter, Inc.
  3. From Instant Cities to Smart Cities: Transforming Communities of the Arab Gulf States
    H. Allawi, T. Keenan, University of Calgary
  4. Smart Cities Means Smart Services
    Andres Carvallo, CMG
  5. Rule Based Real time Edge Control
    Wolf Kohn, Zelda Zabinsky, atigeo
  6. A Viable Solution for Winter Road Mobility
    Umair N. Mughal, Geanette Polanco, and Ingrid Howes., Institute of Industrial Technology, UiT the Arctic University of Norway
  7. Wind Resource Assessment for High-Rise BIWT Using RS-NWP-CFD
    Hyun-Goo Kim, Yong-Heack Kang, Jin-Young Kim, and Wan-Ho Jeon, Korea Institute of Energy Research
  8. How Cognitive Technology will Shape the City of the Future
    Marlon Attiken, IBM
  9. Future-proofing smart, electric transportation
    Harmeet Singh, CTO of Greenlots, Greenlots
  10. Connecting Communities and Promoting Health with Smart Participatory Parks
    P. Sanguinetti, N. Gore, S. Criss, J. Schultz, T. Lupino, P. Rao, D. Dinakarpandian, and A.M. Marciarille, University of Kansas
  11. Smart Street Lights
    Linda Lee Bower, Linda Lee Bower
  12. Sustainable remediation of Pb and other toxic metals contaminated soils
    D. Lestan, N. Finzgar, M. Gerl, Envit Ltd
  13. Moving Freight Efficiently through Cities and Regions with Real-Time Truck Parking System
    Davonna Moore*, Gretchen Ivy, Michael DeMent, Matthew Junak, Corey Fischer, Kansas Department of Transportation
  14. Route Planning and Optimization Technology for Cities and Municipalities
    Brooke Bonnett, Mike Rhodes, Dr. Mansooreh Mollaghasemi, Dr. Sam Fayez, City of Orlando
  15. The future is empowered by technology and standards towards intelligent ecosystem
    Fawzi Behmann, TelNet Managment Consulting Inc.
  16. Maximizing Citizen Engagement Through Technology
    Sean Levesque, Adoxio Business Solutions
  17. Global Best Practices in Smart Cities Development: IDC's Smart City Maturity Model
    R. Clarke, A. Brooks, M. Zannoni, IDC
  18. Vision Zero: A proposal towards reducing pedestrian fatality to zero in urban crossings
    Talmai Oliveira, Alexandru Darie, Hassan Mohanna and Kurosh Hashemi, Philips Lighting Research North America
  19. They Said There Would Be Flying Cars
    Jared Ficklin, Argo Design and "The Wire" Citizens for Urban Cable Transit
  20. Techniques for Mapping, Assessing and Monitoring Urban Underground Infrastructure
    Dryver Huston, Tian Xia, Dylan Burns, Dan Orfeo, Yu Zhang, University of Vermont
  21. A New Paradigm in High Speed Mobility: Hyperloop Texas
    Steven Duong, AECOM
  22. Community Engagement, Asset Inventory, and Condition Assessment for Pedestrian Infrastructure Project Prioritization
    A. Grossman, C. Dyess, D. Boyer, J. Cebe, and R. Guensler, Georgia Institute of Technology
  23. approaches to net zero building for heating and cooling using renewable energy
    Cyrous Gheyri, C.G.I technology
  24. Neuropolis Framework: Connecting The Smart And The Global
    M.Banczyk and J. Potts, Columbia University / Cityglobe Inc.
  25. To establish openness in energy infrastructures – A public private partnership supporting new innovative solutions for sustainable and smart cities.
    F. Wallin, J. Yan, E. Dahlquist, M. Azaza, Mälardalen University
  26. Incentivizing Mobility Behavior: How Metropia is Tackling Urban Congestion through Behavior Economics
    Mia Zmud, Metropia and Tim Riley, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Metropia, Inc
  27. Array of Things: A Fitness Tracker for Cities
    C. Catlett, P. Beckman, R. Sankaran, K. Kusiak Galvin, University of Chicago: Urban Center for Computation and Data
  28. Cresco Framework: Edge Computing in Smart Cities
    V. K. Cody Bumgardner, University of Kentucky
  29. Standardizing power outage reporting to improve emergency services and community coordination
    S. Sternfeld, Z. Canders, Electric Power Research Institute
  30. Using IoT to Solve Waste Handling Problems
    Philip Bernick, Vishwam Annam, Rhonda Steele, Hathority, LLC
  31. The Power of Connected, Smart Cities: How IoT systems can be designed, engineered and deployed to make Smart Cities a reality.
    Vincent Ball, Vice President of Product Innovation Center, Nytec Inc., Nytec
  32. Smart Energy with KT-MEG
    Young-Myoung Kim, Kiwook Lee, Jung-Jae Park, Sang-Hyun Lee, Choongil Kim, Korea Telecom
  33. City of Coral Gables Smart Initiatives
    Raimundo Rodulfo, Ayanes Apolinar, City of Coral Gables
  34. A System for Enabling Environmentally Controlled Space Under ADA Curb Ramps for the Unobtrusive Deployment of Small Cells and Smart City Technology
    Jim Rice, SYNDEO
  35. Connected car in an urban environment that leverages city info for enhanced ADAS and out of sight info for autonomous cars.
    Michelle Specktor, IPgallery
  36. Rapid and Resilient Critical Data Sourcing for Public Safety and Emergency Response
    Eyuphan Bulut, Milos Manic, Murat Yuksel, Virginia Commonwealth University
  37. Best Practices for Smart Sustainable Cities to Engage with Tech Vendors
    Sarah Moe; Melanie Nutter, DNV GL, Nutter Consulting
  38. Sharing best practices and lessons from four Smart Sustainable District projects in Europe
    R. Massink, G. Bouma, TNO
  39. Making data come alive to inspire change
    N. Noyan, M. Schretzman, E. Johns, J. Raithel, A. Martens, K. Reilly, J. Berman, Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence - NYC Mayor's Office
  40. A self-managed, innovative, platform for Cities to manage their cultural and heritage assets.
    Valerio Rossi, ETT Solutions Ltd
  41. Predictive Analytics for Crime Pattern Detection: Changing culture and daily processes at the Atlanta Police Department
    Kirk Talbott, Samir Saini, Janae Futrell, City of Atlanta
  42. Urban learning to foster integrated smart city development
    G.M. Bouma, A. Woestenburg, A. Slob, TNO
  43. The Human Health Observatory – A New Resource for Creating Healthy Cities
    Dr. Rolf U. Halden, Arizona State University
  44. Inclusive AI: Technology and Policy Recommendations for an Inclusive Urban Future
    B. Nonnecke, T. Prabhakar, C. Brown, and C. Crittenden, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, University of California, Berkeley
  45. Cary NC Innovation Experience Center
    Terry Yates, Reid Serozi, Nicole Raimundo, Kristy Buchanan, Jennifer Warner, Town of Cary, NC
  46. All Hazards Planner for Gas Dispersion in Cities
    R. C. Ripley and S. D. Ryan, Lloyd's Register
  47. Data Integrity of Smart City Traffic Infrastructure
    Khalid Elgazzar, Taghreed Alghamdi, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  48. Smart City Concept (SCC)
    M. ELHOUSNI, T. EL-KORCHI, S. VAN DESSEL, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  49. Let's take Urban Mobility to the Next Level
    O.Gumpert, Doppelmayr Ropeways
  50. Terreplane - A Game-Changing Transportation Technology
    G. J. Suppes, Terreplane Technologies, LLC
  51. Lithium-Sulfur Secondary Batteries
    G.J. Suppes, University of Missouri
  52. Smart parking and traffic management
    Naveen Joshi, Allerin


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